Etowah Striper Tournament

June 22, 2019

Your spot is only held once BOTH payment and registration are received.


Registration Entry Fee


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This $60 covers the registration entry fee ONLY! 

Optional $20 Big Fish is NOT INCLUDED, and is due the morning of the tournament, in cash. 

Tournament Rules


This is a Striper Fishing Tournament.

1. 2 fish limit 

2. You must post your catches to the Allatoona Striper Club Facebook Group. This way, you can see what's going down in real time.  If for any reason you're having trouble posting to the group, you can text pictures to Carl at 404-422-7197. 

3. Any pictures posted or submitted after 3:00 PM will NOT count. No exceptions! You must be back at the ramp by 4:00 PM. 

4. Any fish entered must be caught from the lower Etowah River. 

5.  In case of a tie in the 2 Fish Tournament, the single largest fish will determine the winner.  If the Teams are still tied, the ultimate tiebreaker will be a coin toss. 

6. In the case of a tie for Big Fish, all places tied will split the pot equally! 

7. This is a Catch, Take a Photo, and Release tournament.

8. This will be 100% pay back minus transaction fees of 3.5%.

9. There will be absolutely no refund for entry fees.

10. You can launch your boat from anywhere on the lower Etowah River. 

11. Team Members: If you have a gas-powered vessel, your team will consist of the members in your vessel. If you have a paddle vessel, your team may consist of 2 vessels per team, if you choose. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carl Noe at 404-422-7197. 


1st Place 70%

2nd Place 20%

3rd Place 10%


 Fish and launch your boat at your own risk NOEoutdoors is not responsible for any damages or bodily harm .